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Scam is strictly forbidden on all of our servers.

If you want to report players, which are scamming on our servers, you need to send the evidence of their behavior to the Capital Admin of the trade server (even if the scam happened on the other servers than the trade server)

To get the scaming player banned, you will need to send us following evidence:
- Screenshots of the chat; trade history (only with the chat included!)
- Video
Note: Trade history itself can not be considered as a sufficient evidence!

If the player whose you have reported is obviously scammer, he will be punished as followed:

Scam attempt: ban up to 14 days (depends on the value of the items that the player tried to steal),
Scam for a key or less: ban for 7 days
Scam exceeding the value of 1 key and reaching up to 5 keys (included): ban for 7 days to 1 month
Scam exceeding the value of 5 keys: ban for more than a month (depends on the value of the items)
Note: In this case the lenght of the punishment is under consideration of the trade server Capital Admin and/or Headmaster.
In exceptional cases the player can be banned permanently!

The player can be banned even though he was not scamming on our servers!

If you are able to get your items back from the scamming player during the process of the scam evaluation, please, let the person, with whom you originally started solving the scam, know.

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